CIO Of The Year Award 2023

The old joke that CIO stood for “Career Is Over” has long been dead and buried. Today’s CIO/CISO plays a dynamic and crucial role with responsibility for digital transformation. With the rise in DevOps, agile operations and the application of AI, Automation and Analytics for business, the CIO/CISO is now at the very heart of overall business strategy.

It is no longer enough to understand new technologies, the CIO/CISO needs a good grasp of the enterprise’s business, how IT can drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate growth. With the recent surge in remote working, the CIO/CISO is increasingly focused not only on customer experience but also enhancing employee experience and effectiveness. Today’s leading CIOs/CISOs excel in many cross-functional skills – communication, inter-group bridge building – even empathy can be as vital as IT credentials. It’s asking a lot, but top CIOs/CISOs prove that it can be done. And it needs to be done.

The Business Innovation leaders Forum CIO of the Year Award is open to any CIO/CISO working at the heart of business strategy – whether in a trail-blazing multinational or simply driving some radical business model like the P2P “Sharing Economy”.

The Award shines a spotlight on what it takes – and those who have it. An inspiration for every business leader actively exploring innovative technologies and solutions to propel their enterprise forward.

Awards submission deadline: Friday 20 January 2023

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