Women Business Leaders Award 2023

Barely 8% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women. And yet that 8% – up from 5% in 2018 – represents more women business leaders today than there have ever been since the Fortune 500 was born in 1955. Why this sudden increase?

One reason is the growing recognition that diversity fosters innovation. People of different gender, culture, age and race bring the challenge of different experiences and approaches. Their collaboration breeds creativity and strategies better adapted to the diversity of global markets. Women, in particular, represent half the world’s population and account for 85% of consumer spending.

Another reason is today’s start-up culture plus a shift from manufacturing towards a service economy. These put greater emphasis on leadership from the front, and less on driver-ship from behind. Such leadership demands effective communication, empathy, strength of character and self-awareness – skills where women often rate higher.

The Business Innovation Leaders Forum “Women Business Leaders Award” is open to any CEO or C-Suite woman executive nominated for her exceptional contribution towards business innovation. The award shines a spotlight on these leaders and their potential to inspire a new generation of successful women entrepreneurs.

It is high time to recognise and applaud Women Business Leaders.

Awards submission deadline: Friday 20 January 2023

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