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Cyber Security – meeting CISO demands

Cyber Security – Meeting CISO Demands

Analyst Chair: Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director, Network Security & Data Center Appliance, SASE Market Research Dell’Oro Group

Ryan Hammer, Chief Information Security Officer, Ciena
John Kindervag, SVP, Cybersecurity Strategy, ON2IT
Dr. Ronald Layton, Vice President, Converged Security Operations, Sallie Mae Bank
Ben de Bont, Chief Information Security Officer, ServiceNow
Srinivasan CR, Executive Vice President – Cloud and Security Business
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Cyber Security – meeting CISO demands

It is the job of a CISO to never be satisfied with their organisation’s data and network security. They must forever be seeking out new ways to protect against rapidly evolving threats. It’s their role to always be looking for vulnerabilities, as well as investigating next generation solutions and asking difficult questions of the vendors who develop those solutions.

To further the aims of the CISO, we have organised an event that centres around some of the biggest questions in cybersecurity. What needs to be done by the security vendor community that isn’t happening today? What do the security solutions of tomorrow look like? What’s coming down the pipe in areas like SASE, Zero Trust, MDR, Confidential Cloud and firewalls? What is the answer to ransomware?

These questions, and many others like them, are no longer peripheral to an organisation’s activities. Cybersecurity today is as much a business priority as it is a technology one. Despite years of investment in security measures, cyber-attacks keep on coming. They are more organised and threatening than ever and more than capable of condemning an entire organisation to the scrap heap. Security is everybody’s business.

Protection is not about implementing best-of-breed point solutions that cover one area of the business, leaving loopholes that bad actors can exploit. It’s about an integrated approach, designed for an age of cloud, IoT and mobile working. Our event, chaired by a leading analyst expert and featuring top level CISO names from across the spectrum of verticals, will consider what that approach should look like.

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Mauricio Sanchez

Research Director, Network Security & Data Center Appliance, SASE Market Research Dell’Oro Group


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