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Enterprise migration to the cloud:
Getting the network right

Enterprise Migration to the Cloud: Getting the network right

Analyst Chair: Brandon Butler

Tommy Gardner, HP
Thiagaraja Manikandan, Olam
Parag Thakore, Netskope
TATA Communications
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Enterprise Migration to the Cloud: Getting the network right

Enterprise migration to the cloud:
Getting the network right

Enterprise migration to the cloud: getting the network right

Businesses have spent two years struggling to cope with workforce reconfiguration and changing customer expectations. As they move from crisis to consolidation mode, there is little appetite for rip and replace strategies. CIOs need to plot an orderly evolutionary path to transformation, but as global economic challenges intensify, they can’t afford to lose momentum.

The next big challenge is to reshape the network to deliver performance, agility and business value.

Legacy network infrastructure built to serve data centres and branches is inefficient and in need of modernization. Acceleration of edge computing and IoT, the increasing distribution of resources and the massive dispersal of users post-pandemic demand a radical overhaul of enterprise networks.

Moving from MPLS, the traditional backbone of the enterprise WAN to internet and cloud-native networks has driven down transmission costs and increased flexibility, but the trade-offs include guaranteed performance, security and management control.

SD-WAN is evolving to address these issues but deploying SD-WAN remains complex and fraught with problems. CIOs are faced with a confusing array of solutions and need to navigate a minefield of vendor hype.

Most of the attention in the first wave of cloud was on migration of applications and data, but that’s only half the story. Enterprises have retooled and redeveloped their business-critical software for cloud or embraced SaaS to upgrade productivity applications, but the network has been slower to evolve.

Boards are increasingly asking for evidence that cloud investments are paying off and when IT will deliver long-promised business transformation. CIOs are looking to the network for answers.

This event will bring together a panel of CIOs to debate the key considerations for effective network modernization and share strategies for enterprise networking in the cloud era.   

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