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Global Enterprise Customer Insights: An Analysis of 2021 IT Investment Priorities

Analyst Chair: Jeremiah Caron, Global Head of Research & Analysis, GlobalData

Amir Khan, President, Founder and CEO, Alkira
Dr. Seth Dobrin, Global Chief AI Officer, IBM
Chris Bedi, Chief Information Officer, ServiceNow
Gaurav Anand, Board Member, Tata Communications America, Inc.

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Global Enterprise Customer Insights: An Analysis of 2021 IT Investment Priorities

Global Enterprise Customer Insights

A multitude of carefully laid technology plans were blown off course in 2020, driving IT investments in unforeseen directions — mostly toward accelerated digital transformation. While there is still much uncertainty about what 2021 and beyond hold in store, now is the time to get an understanding about what IT investment priorities are likely to be going forward.

This round table discussion with industry experts will be introduced by Jeremiah Caron, Global Head of Research & Analysis – Technology Group for independent consulting firm GlobalData. He will first present findings from GlobalData’s “hot off the press” 2021 research on thousands of Enterprise IT budget holders, and then focus on three key topics for further discussion.

The discussion will embrace the vital topic of cybercrime, and consider how SD-WAN strategies have changed, how multi-cloud has accelerated, and the effects of these trends on underlying networks. The final segment will be more open-ended, beginning with latest developments in AI and automation across the network.

This event will be rounded off with a short Q&A with selected IT media. It all adds up to a great opportunity to gain real insights into this year’s IT investment priorities for business.

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“2020 was the year when multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments moved from the margins to centre stage. There is little doubt that this year will see a consolidation of cloud-native application deployment. Hyperscales will respond by facilitating migration towards edge compute. Edge computing will continue to break down the barriers between cloud and on-premise, with functions such as AI, security and WAN optimization delivered anywhere, at scale. While 5G had an uncertain time last year, it may yet emerge over the next 12 months as critical technology for next-generation enterprise applications. Don’t expect SD-WAN to get and less popular. But do look forward to a year when AI heads for the mainstream, enabling just about everything in the network and application ecosystem to function better. Finally, one of the big winners of 2020 was cybercrime. This is the year the hard lessons leared about holistic, end-to-end security will help enterprises fight back.”

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Jeremiah Caron

Global Head of Research & Analysis – Technology Group, GlobalData


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