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BevMo!, an alcoholic beverage retailer in the western United States, has improved experiences for its customers after integrating cloud-na…
Economic recovery and high expectations for the next generation of innovative digital solutions are set to boost global IT spending by 5.1% in…
Pictured: Lloyds of London   Insurance providers are set to make savings of $10 billion in costs globally by 2024 by innovating with block…

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Guy is the Editor-in-Chief of the Forum’s publication “Innovate!”, encouraging  regular interaction and on-going communications with Forum members, business leaders and technologists involved in accelerating innovation throughout all corners of business. In addition, Guy is Editor of NetReporter, an information service which provides the international media community with updates  on the hottest trends in networking and IT. He monitors developments in areas such as cloud-native connectivity, data centre and network automation, AI, IoT, 5G, edge compute and cybersecurity. In a long career in tech journalism he has written extensively for titles such as Capacity, European Communications, Vanilla Plus, Computing and Computer Reseller News.


Steve Jobs & Science of the Mind – Balancing Life & Business Success An interview with Nalanie Harilela Chellaram, Special Advisor, Business Innovation Leaders Forum & Shaman Chellaram

Innovative Networking Strategies to Accelerate Your Competitive Edge

Don’t Just bring a knife to a gun fight – Learning from the bad guys: What cybercrime can teach us An interview with Dr. Ronald Layton, VP Converged Security Operations, Sallie Mae Bank, plus former Special Agent, including; Deputy Assistant Director of the US Secret Service



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Analyst Chair: Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group

Atif Khan, CTO and Founder, Alkira
Ravi Malick, Global Chief Information Officer, Box Inc.
Katrina Redmond, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Eaton
Amit Sinha Roy, Vice President, Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Tata Communications
Tom Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies
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The Branch of One and the New Enterprise Edge

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Analyst Chair: Brandon Butler, Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Networks IDC

Samantha Davis, CIO Americas, Arkema Inc.
Mark Parr, Global Director of Information Technology, HFW
Gaurav Anand, Board Member, Tata Communications America, Inc.
Ian Wood, Head of Technology UK&I at Veritas Technologies

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Global Enterprise Customer Insights: An Analysis of 2021 IT Investment Priorities

Global Data 1

Analyst Chair: Jeremiah Caron, Global Head of Research & Analysis, GlobalData

Amir Khan, President, Founder and CEO, Alkira
Dr. Seth Dobrin, Global Chief AI Officer, IBM
Chris Bedi, Chief Information Officer, ServiceNow
Gaurav Anand, Board Member, Tata Communications America, Inc.

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Migrating MPLS Networks to the New Era of Cloud Networking

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Analyst Chair: Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group

Ashwath Nagaraj, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, Aryaka
Song Toh, Vice President, Global Network Services, Tata Communications
Mike Frane, Vice President Product Management, Windstream Enterprise
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CIO Round Table on Predicting and Preparing for the New Normal

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Combating Today’s Cybersecurity Threats Faced by CISOs in Enterprise and Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Advancing Network Automation & Analysis Through AI & ML

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CIO Round-Table Discussion On The Future of Enterprise Technology

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CIO Round Table Business Continuity & Collaboration

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Book of the Month*


By Walter Isaacson
We do not need to be told that Steve Jobs was a genius. That fact is spelt out clearly in his legacy of brilliant and beautiful innovations, devices, systems, concepts and a company that, ten years after his death, still towers over the world of information technology. What we do want to know is how such genius could arise in a difficult adopted child from a chaotic background. If any book can offer answers, it is this one: written by a professor of history at Tulane that had been CEO of the Aspen Institute, chair of CNN and editor of Time, and the author of a series of bestselling biographies of some of the world’s greatest geniuses.

 “It’s your book” said Steve Jobs when he chose Walter Isaacson to write this definitive biography, “I won’t even read it.” Here was a man, notorious for his need to control, apparently giving a stranger unfettered permission to expose his disturbed background and turbulent career. Jobs did, with some initial reluctance, live up to that promise by encouraging even his harshest critics – past colleagues that he had fired, abused or abandoned – to be interviewed by Isaacson.

The result is an extraordinarily rich and textured account of a very complex and unpredictable character. On the one hand he could exemplify the serenity of his Buddhist beliefs – a quality evident in the techno-Zen minimalism of his creations and preferred lifestyle. On the other hand his colleagues could see him as a swearing, vindictive Rasputin figure who stole others’ ideas, told lies and could treat family and lovers appallingly.

His public image was a lot less complicated: he was known as a God-like figure that created the most innovative computer company in the 1970s and raised it from the dead twenty years later. He was a techno-guru before adoring disciples. We read that, when the iPhone was first released, Jobs visited his local Apple store and was hailed “as if Moses had walked in to buy a Bible”. On the launch of the iPad it was said: “The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it.”

It is indeed good for humanity to have the example and inspiration of idols and saviours. But it is also vital to understand the bigger picture, one that reveals the human beneath the myth as this book does so successfully. If the Great and the Good were truly God-like, then what hope could there be for the rest of us ordinary mortals? This book is not a hagiography, but rather a realistic exploration of the contradictions that can deliver greatness, provided that they are not denied.

Jobs claimed to be above the allure of greedy materialism, and yet he created gadgets that inspired the whole world with the lust to possess them. He embraced a creed of silent mindful awareness, and yet he destroyed that inner peace with a smart phone connecting us into the whole chaos of existence. But can there be any value in transcending materialism if you have never experienced the lust to possess? What is the value of achieving one-ness if you have never lived multiplicity? If someone who begins his life in revolt against capitalism ends up as CEO of the world’s richest company, does that make him a hypocrite or a boundary-shattering genius? We need books like this to help answer such questions.

We also learn that Jobs’ final wish was for everyone at his funeral to be given a copy of The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda – a book that he adored and re-read every year. How much of the man’s deeper nature can be found by reading this book, and why did he think it was so important for the next generation of business leaders to read it?

The Business Innovation Leaders Forum interviewed Nalanie Harilela Chellaram and Shaman Chellaram – two members of the famous Harilela business family that are also known for their experience bridging modern business and spiritual insights. The interview asks why this autobiography was so influential and what it meant for Jobs. This podcast will be released though the Business Innovation Leaders Forum this January.

And for this Book of the Month we are also offering the option to include The Autobiography of a Yogi as a bonus for those wanting to dig deeper into the mind of Steve Jobs.

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